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Rosemary Dale

Monday, 28 May 2007

Family History lV

This map shows the farms and dwellings of Bewcastle. (Click on it to enlarge.)

I took this picture of the site of Mains.

Information about Mains from the Bewcastle Parish Registers:

Two farms of the same name, the farmhouses adjacent to each other. In the 18th century they amalgamated into a farm of 50 acres, but in the late 19th or early 20th century it was absorbed into Row and Flatt farms. Grass covered foundations remain.

Rosemary said...
The farms and dwellings mentioned so far in the Story writeup are all found in the NE corner of this map: I wrote in Mains near the Row, Crosshill and Coldslope.

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pat said...

hi rosemary, very pleased to find your site, i have traced my g.g.grandfather back to robert story of shawhead and his wife elizabeth nee richardson. my ancestor was there 1st. child christened in may 1848.from the age of three at least he lived with his grandmother jane armstrong at 23 blackpool gate, which i think was an inn called broom, and not with the rest of the family,it seems to be a mystery,so far i have been unable to find a birth cert. for him. if anyone could shed any light on this ,i would be most grateful thanks pat bowskill nee storey