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Rosemary Dale

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Family History V

Christopher Story (left) and Robert Story (2nd to the right), Robert's 4th and 3rd sons, respectively

Robert Story

Robert Story, born in 1821 at Crosshill, was our grandmother's grandfather. He was a mason. He married Elizabeth Armstrong*, and they had seven sons and one daughter. He raised his family at Shawhead, which would become Grandma's childhood home. Robert was involved in the building of two of the early nineteenth century Bewcastle schools: the Rectory Gate School and Kinkry Hill School. He was paid nine pounds, 14 shillings and 6d and sixteen pounds respectively. The Shawhead Storys built the "Round House" in the yard at Roanstrees farm, said to be a great achievement in architecture at the time.

Robert's wife, Elizabeth, was buried at Bewcastle on July 2, 1865, aged 41 years. The 1881 census shows Robert as a widower, head of household aged 60 at Shawhead, a master builder. Robert died at Russelgate in 1897, about 76 years of age.

Thomas Story, Robert and Elizabeth's oldest child, was born in 1855, and was Grandma's father.

*I have less information on Elizabeth Armstrong than any other of Grandma's grandparents. She was born in 1824 to Robert Richardson and Jane Armstrong, both single persons.

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