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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Family History Vll

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Here are some anecdotal notes about Grandma's brothers and sisters. Much of this was gleaned from my aunt, Joan McKay, through conversations with her over the last few years. She was a great one for family and kept up with many members of the extended family. There will be information about other aunts, uncles and cousins (sounds like Gilbert and Sullivan) when we come to the Goodfellow side. I apologize for any errors or omissions.
Elizabeth (b. 1884)
She was our mothers' Auntie Lizzie. She became a school teacher and married a fellow teacher, Fred Robinson, in 1905. They had two daughters, Betty and Rhoda. Lizzie left Bewcastle when she married, I believe living and teaching in the Hebrides for some time. I remember her visiting us in Southampton.
Mary Jane (b. 1885)
Auntie Cissie remained in Bewcastle. As a young woman she went to live at Whintingstone, and helped look after a younger Goodfellow cousin who was left without a mother. (More later on the Goodfellows.) She also helped to raise William Routledge (see below). I know that she lived at some point at Oakshaw Ford, and Aurea told me that after Cissie went to my parents' wedding, she declared that Douglas Dale was the most handsome man she had ever seen! Later in life, Cissie married a Mr. Waugh, pronounced Waff in that part of the world. (See photograph.)
William (b. 1887)
Uncle Willie remained in Bewcastle. He worked for many years at the Roadhead grocery shop. He married Amy Routledge in 1931 and they had a daughter, Amy. I believe he remained living at Shawhead for some time. I remember visiting Willie and Amy for tea when I went to Bewcastle with my parents.
Annie (b. 1888)
Annie married a Joe Routledge and they had William. She died of an appendicitis as a young mother. William was brought up largely by Auntie Cissie, I understand. Uncle Bill married Freda, and they had Jeffrey and Gillian.
Robert (b. 1891)
Uncle Robert remained in the vicinity, becoming a successful farmer. I believe that his farm was Slealands , over in the Longtown area. He married Bertha, and they had several children, including David, Bertha(?), twins Keith and Kevin, and Robin. Some of his boys also became farmers. I think that it was this Keith who was a spokesman for the local farmers during the foot and mouth outbreak of a few years ago. Uncle Robert also visited us in Southampton. (See photograph.)
Maggie (b. 1897)
I'll write about our grandmother separately in the next post. (See photographs of Maggie and Ina as little girls and young women.)
Thomasina (b. 1898)
Gran always told me that she and Ina were close growing up as they were the little ones of the family, but very different from each other. She said that Ina loved the outdoors and animals while she was afraid of many of the animals and loved to be indoors reading. Ina moved away from Bewcastle. Auntie Ina married Ron Moscrope, and they raised three children, Joyce, Ronnie and Betty, in Ashington, Northumberland.

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