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Rosemary Dale

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Family History Vlll

This will bring Grandma's line up to the present.

As a young woman Maggie entered the national civil service exam, coming in second in the entire country. She was offered a job in the Post Office, and she moved to the Tyneside area. Since she had never liked Maggie, she started to be called Madge at this time. In the Post Office she met Jack Rogers, who also performed in a local singing group. They married at the Knowe Church, Bewcastle and settled in Gateshead, where they raised their three children.

Margaret was born in 1920, followed by Joan in 1922. Frank was born eight years afterwards. The three of them remained connected to their rural Bewcastle roots. Margaret was the first Gateshead girl guide to earn the dairy badge. Joan was christened at Knowe. The girls loved to visit. Frank was evacuated to Bewcastle during the war.

After Grandad retired from the Post Office in the 1950s, Madge and Jack moved to Southampton, where Jack worked with the Parks Department. Jack died in 1970. Madge suffered a second loss with the death of her daughter, Margaret, in 1973. Later, Madge visited her Goodfellow cousins in Canada, travelling right across that country from Ottawa, to Banff and Vancouver. I also remember her practicing yoga along with a television program. She worked the Telegraph crossword every day, and was an avid Archers listener. (I guess it's in the genes, Peter and Rob.)

Grandma died in 1988. Both she and Jack are buried in Southampton. Margaret is buried in the graveyard of the Llanblethian Church in Glamorganshire. Joan died in 2005 and her ashes are scattered at Lepe in Hampshire.

Madge and Jack's grandchildren:

Margaret married Douglas Dale and they had Peter (b. 1947) and Rosemary (b. 1952).
Joan married Roy McKay and they had Roger (b. 1948) and Robert (b. 1951).
Frank married Diana and they had Bruce, Sheena and Ian.

Madge and Jack's great grandchildren:
Rosemary married Rush and they had William (b. 1981). Rosemary later married Daniel and they had Julian (b. 1989).
Sheena married Bill and they had a daughter.
Ian married Jackie and they had three daughters.


Rosemary said...
Now I'm taking a break for a few days before I tackle the Goodfellows.

peter said...
Truly Excellent work Rosemary - I echo Robert's comments. I shall print them off and take up to Ealinor and Dad when we go up for the first Bank holiday in May. Just one thing - who dem dere 'goodfellows?'Do you mean 'Goodfellahs' as in well , like the mafia?Do we have Sicilian connections?

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