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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Family History X

In Family History IX I started to write up Grandma's maternal line, beginning with her mother, our great grandmother, Elizabeth or Betty. Now I will write about her brothers and sisters, and their offspring. This will cover the aunts, uncles and cousins that Grandma grew up with. I will also include the children and grandchildren of these cousins.

Again, thanks to Joan McKay for sharing her knowledge of the extended family. Thank you also to June and Aurea for some of the photos which will follow. As authors say in prefaces, all errors and omissions are my own.

As promised earlier, here is where you will see references to people that we met or heard about when we were growing up. We have just as many 2nd or 3rd cousins on the Story side, but I think Gran remained closer to her Goodfellow cousins, perhaps because they were the children of sisters. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed uncovering the connections.

William Routledge Goodfellow (1826-1876) married Elizabeth Forster (1828-1909) on November 15, 1851. They were are our great, great grandparents. They farmed at Whintingstown and raised a large family there. Elizabeth Forster Goodfellow continued to farm after William's death. More about them in later posts. I will now write about each of their children.

William Routledge Goodfellow
Born at Underwood, Bewcastle baptism November 14, 1852. In the 1881 census listed as 28, unmarried, a Farmer's son, living at Whintingstown. He was buried at Bewcastle on July 5, 1884, 31 years, a farmer. I think it might be this William that is remembered as a noted horseman on his horse Thunder in an article by Barbara Smith in the December 2001 Bewcastle Journal. A picture of Whintingstown is on that issue's cover.

Born at Whintinstown, Bewcastle baptism August 6, 1854. Buried April 13, 1885, 10 months.

Born at Quintinstown, Bewcastle baptism December 30, 1855. In the 1881 census listed as 25, unmarried, Farmer's son, living at Whintingstown. In the 1901 census as 45, single, Farmer's son/worker, living at Whintingstown. Grandma used to tell me the story of being chased by a bull when walking through a field as a little girl. An Uncle Hec came and picked her up and tossed her over the wall , out of the bull's path. I think this would be the Uncle Hec. (Gran always said it was due to her red hair!)

Bewcastle baptism July 13,1857. Buried July 19, 1857, 5 weeks.

Born at Whintinstown, Bewcastle baptism April 10, 1859. In the 1881 census listed as 22, unmarried, Draper, living at Whintingston.

Bewcastle baptism March 4, 1861. Grandma's mother. See earlier posts.

Mary Jane
Knowe baptism December 7, 1862. In the 1881 census listed as 18, unmarried, Dressmaker, living at Whintingstown. Mary Jane married John Ewart of The Nook. Their son Henry Ewart was born in 1893. He also farmed The Nook, and married Elizabeth Jane Anderson of Sleetbeck. They had two sons, John and Robert Ewart. I remember Henry and his wife visiting Gran in Southampton. Margaret and Joan, I believe, rode on the back of John and Robert's motorbike in Bewcastle. I remember visiting John at his sheep farm over near Haltwhistle.

Knowe baptism January 3, 1864. Robert married Elizabeth. Their son Robert William Routledge Goodfellow was born in 1904, and another son Innis was born in 1906. In the June 1998 Bewcastle Journal Gordon Phillips recalls the grocers shop at Northbank House where the proprietor Robert Goodfellow and his son Innis served the Bewcastle community. They visited Brampton Market each Wednesday to bring back groceries, fresh bread and livestock feeds. Grandma's brother Willie worked at their shop for many years. The Goodfellows sold the business in the early 1950s. According to this article Innis, then 90, lived with his wife, Gladys, at Tavistock, Devon near his son Iain and his family.

Knowe baptism September 29, 1865. In the 1881 census listed as a 15 year old, unmarried scholar. Kitty married Rev. George C. Mossman on August 30, 1894. He was the beloved minister of the Knowe Presbyterian Chapel from 1881 to 1910. Their first child was Joseph Ewart Mossman, born June 17, 1995. Next came Elizabeth Goodfellow Mossman or Bessie born May 4, 1897. Another daughter Catherine, born in 1898, died at 16. Isabel Rose, known as Rose, was born on November 11, 1901. All the children were born at The Manse. Keith Mossman, Joe's son, recalls his childhood visits to his grandmother in the December 2001 Bewcastle Journal. Bessie married Alan Porteus, settling and raising their daughters, June and Jennifer, in Canada. Auntie Bessie, June and Jennifer, and later June's daughters, Catherine and Susan Jennifer, all visited Southampton over the years. Rose married Ernie Dalzell, and they also raised their family in Canada. Grandma stayed with Bessie and Rose when she visited Canada in the 1970s. The ashes of Joe, Bessie and Rose were all scattered on the grounds of the Knowe Chapel.

Knowe baptism December 6, 1866. In the 1881 census he is listed as 14, a Scholar, living at Whintingstown. In the 1901 census he is listed as 34, single, a Farmer's son/worker, living at Whintingstown. Then Joseph married Alice and their daughter, Alice Jane, was born in 1904. Joseph's wife Alice died shortly after the birth of their baby. Grandma's sister Cissie moved to Whintingstown to help care for and raise Alice Jane. Alice went on to marry Robert Elliott. Their four children were Aurea, Rosemary, Vera and Joseph, and I believe they were raised at Whintingstown. Aurea and Rosemary married brothers, Joe and Andy Telford, and they farmed and raised their families at Holmehead and Woodside, respectively. Aurea has been an active contributor to the Bewcastle Heritage Society for many years.

Margaret Ann or Maggie
Bewcastle baptism May 2, 1869. In the 1881 census she is listed as 12, a Scholar, living at Whintingstown. She married William Kyle on May 7, 1896. They raised their large family at Harper Hill Farm. Their two elder children, Andrew and Betty, later ran the farm. I knew of them as Andrew and Betty Kyle of Harper Hill, and I remember them visiting Gran in Southampton.

A collection of pictures will follow this post. And then I will go back a generation.


William said...

I still don't see the family line to William Wallace...when will that become evident?

It is so obvious that we are descendants from William Wallace...after all, my name is William and I'm very courageous and rugged.

Mom, please work harder on these connections and to decipher whether we are also descendant from William Shakespeare, William Tell, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, and Wee Willie Winkie.

Rosemary said...

Am I the only one that senses a certain lack of seriousness and respect towards my endeavor from my eldest son?

Rosemary said...

All the same, Willy, thank you for reading the blog and posting your comment. Love, Mom XX

June said...

Just a small correction to the paragraph on Catherine Goodfellow Mossman; Bessie and Rose Mossman's families were raised in England, only their grandchildren and gt. grandchildren were/are raised in Canada.
Score: Bessie 4 grdkids...5 gt. grdkids
Rose: 6 grdkids...3 gt.gradkids to date.!