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Monday, 4 June 2007

Family History XI Part 2

Our great, great grandmother, Elizabeth, was born in 1828 to Robert and Mary Forster, farmers at Whintingstown (top picture, click to enlarge). She married William Routledge Goodfellow of Underwood on November 15, 1851. They had a large family. William died aged 50 years, and was buried at Bewcastle on May 26, 1876.

We know that Elizabeth continued to farm at Whintingstown because the 1881 census lists her as 53, a widow, head of household, farmer of 104 acres. Her children at home at that time ranged in age from 12 to 28.

The Bewcastle Journal published a copy of a local newspaper article about a right of way dispute involving Elizabeth, her son and a neighbor in December 1883 (insert 2, click to enlarge).

By the 1901 census, now listed as a 73 year old widow, farmer and head of household at Whintingstown, she lived with two unmarried sons, Hector and Joseph, a granddaughter, Mary Strong, and Jane Goodfellow. Jane was her sister-in-law, 72 years, a retired farmer who boarded with her.

In April 1904 Jane Goodfellow died. In November of that year Joseph and his wife gave birth to Alice Jane. After the baby was left motherless, Cissie Story moved into Whintingstown to help raise the baby. (See Family History X for more information on Elizabeth's family.)

The Bewcastle Journal printed a newspaper article of the time, from Aurea's scrapbook, that showed the official opening of the new Bewcastle Public Hall by Lady Cynthia Graham of Netherby on October 1, 1908 (insert 3, click to enlarge). Mrs Goodfellow and Miss Story, both of Whintingstown, were in attendance.

Elizabeth Forster Goodfellow died, aged 81 years, on August 21, 1909 and is buried at Bewcastle. I assume her sons continued to run the farm. Eventually, Alice Jane and her husband Robert Elliot would farm at Whintingstown and raise their four children there. (Again see Family History X for more details.) Keith Mossman recalled:

" One Easter we took Granny (Kitty) to visit her brother and family at Whintingstown, Aurea was there, I remember particularly the peat fire which was never allowed to go out, also a large cheese press outside the front door."

The church records show that when Aurea and Rosemary married in the early 1950s, the family was still at Whintingstown. Later the farm was sold. A few years ago an internet search found the farm on the Whitebred Shorthorn.com website, owned by R. and C. Leach. In 2003 I met the current owner, newcomers to Bewcastle: when you follow the sign for Whintingstown, you find yourself in the farmyard, right by the front door. A little embarrassing, but the owner kindly invited me in and showed me a large print of the photo at the top of this post. She also pointed out where the ever present peat fireplace used to be.

Next: a little about William Routledge Goodfellow's family.

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