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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Family History XII

The lintel at Underwood (click on it to enlarge).

In this post I will discuss William Routledge Goodfellow, and introduce his parents. My goal over the last ten days has been to get to this point before I arrive in the UK next week. I very much hope to spend an afternoon in Bewcastle, this time, armed with a camera.

William Routledge Goodfellow was christened at the Bewcastle Church on May 21, 1826. Here are the baptismal records for him and his siblings that I have found to date:

January 18, 1824 Mary, daughter of Robert and Jane Goodfellow, Bellbank, Stapleton, farmer.

May 21, 1826 William Routledge, son of Robert and Jane Goodfellow, Hill End, hired.

August 19, 1827 Elizabeth, daughter of Robert and Jane Goodfellow, Hill End, labourer.

November 17, 1829 Jane, daughter of Robert and Jane Goodfellow, Hill End, labourer.

January 27, 1832 Hector, son of Robert and Jane Goodfellow, Underwood, farmer.

William married Elizabeth Forster on November 15, 1851. As discussed in earlier posts, they farmed at Whintingstown, and raised their family there. The 1861 census lists him as the head of household, married, a farmer of 127 acres at Whintons Town. William died at 50 years of age, and was buried at Bewcastle on May 26, 1876.

I think it is interesting that William's father, Robert Goodfellow, went from being a hired man and a labourer in 1826 and 1827, to a farmer of Underwood in 1832. Robert is listed as a farmer at Underwood in the following censi: 1841, 1861, 1871 and 1881. In 1881 Underwood is described as being 43 acres.

Robert was born about 1800 (more below); his wife, Jane, was born about 1804 in Bewcastle Parish. In the earlier years, they lived with their children. In 1661 it seems that two grandchildren lived with them. In 1871 and 1881 Hector Lauder Goodfellow, their grandson, born in 1860, still lived with them.

The Bewcastle Church register shows the following burials:

October 21, 1882 Robert Goodfellow, Underwood, aged 83 years.
December 2, 1882 Anne Goodfellow, Underwood, aged 58 years.
November 6, 1885 Jane Goodfellow, Underwood, aged 80 years.
February 27, 1887 Hector Goodfellow, Saughs, aged 55 years.
April 29, 1904 Jane Goodfellow, Whintingstown, aged 75 years. (See earlier post.)

I am once again tantalized with future research. In the 1861 census Robert Goodfellow is listed as being born about 1800 at Stapleton, Cumberland. Stapleton is the next parish south of Bewcastle. In the past I have noticed a large family of Goodfellows in that parish - at Bellbank, where Robert's first child was born. It will be very interesting to see if there is a link between our great, great, great Goodfellow grandfather and that Stapleton family.

I will continue researching and writing after my trip.

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