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Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Goodfellow and Armstrongs of Bewcastle and Lanercost

Hi all!

I was invited by Rosemary to post my connection to the Bewcastle area.

I have been researching my Armstrong line from Woodhead, Lanercost which is just southeast of the Bewcastle Church south of the Kirkbeck about a mile near Shopford. It is a former bastle house or stonehouse. It was built in the late C16 or early C17. The house is made from grey and calciferous sandstone rubble walls which are raised in height. There is a graduated slate roof with C19 stone and C20 rendered chimney stacks. It is 2 storeys high with 3 bays. The building stood derelict for many years and was reoccupied in early 1970s. Mentioned in 1603 survey as held by Jo Armstronge. The John/Clement Armstrong line continued in the Parish records for four centuries at Woodhead mostly recorded in the Bewcastle and Lanercost Parish Registers and tombstones at the Bewcastle Church.
For those interested in the Goodfellows one John Armstrong of Woodhead married Margaret Goodfellow by License at St. Cuthbert's in Carlisle 14 April 1747. Margaret was christened at Bewcastle 3 Feb 1712 to John and Elizabeth Goodfellow of Pealahill. John and Elizabeth died in 1737 at Wintershields, Lanercost Parish and were buried at Stapleton. Many Bewcastle people are buried at Stapleton, I assume since their ancestors might have been from that parish. Many common names at Stapleton are Forster, Routledge, Armstrong, Little and Davison. Common farms for the Goodfellows were Side, Flowryhurst, Highonset and Park.
The children of John Armstrong and Margaret Goodfellow were John, Helen and Clement. I am descended from John. I do not believe Clement married. They are all buried at Bewcastle. The last Armstrong at Woodhead was John Armstrong who married Mary Noble at Lanercost Abbey 18 Dec 1797. Their children were John, William, Mary and Ann. All were born at Woodhead except Ann who was born at Scottstown in 1805. The Edward Charlton family next moved into Woodhead and stayed there until they emigrated to Lobo, Middlesex County, Ontario in 1824. Eight of their twelve children were born at Woodhead the others at Moorguards, Lanercost parish which was his wife's, Catherine Calvert, home. Interestingly, I traced the William and John Armstrong lines to the same area of Lobo in 1855. They followed their uncle, John Noble, to Middlesex County (London Township) who had emigrated there in 1818 with his wife Ann Dodd of Dermansteads, Stapleton and their three children Sarah, William and John. Sarah and William turned out to be the children of John Noble and Elizabeth Forster of Greenhill, Stapleton who had died at Elleryclugh, Bewcastle in 1812. John and Mary's brother, William Noble and his wife Ann Routledge also emigrated at the same time. Many Lanercost/Bewcastle/Stapleton families emigrated to Middlesex County, Ontario in the early 1800's. I have traced Robson, Calvert, Charlton, Routledge, Noble there to name a few. There were also Thirlwalls from Walton in the same area of Lobo (northeast section) near the border of Lobo and London Township.
Bobbie Jean Armstrong Hooser
of Colleyville, Texas


Moira said...

Dear Rosemary
I have been searching both my Armstrong roots and Ewart roots both in Bewcastle,England dating back to 1800.
Moira Theede

June said...

From my copy of the history of the Knowe Presbyterian church, I found the following: from the COmmunion Roll 1859
Ewart Henry/Elizabeth Nook
George/Isabella Knowe
Andrew/Katrene Mire

The Ewarts of The Knowe (farm) had a large family sons/dtrs. in the late 19@ of whom only one married,and had offspring....one named Andrew, I think.

Rosemary said...

I have realized that all my Bewcastle material is still in Albuquerque. I just couldn't squeeze anymore in. I need to get them over here.

Bobbie Jean Hooser said...

I would love to have the Armstrong informtion from Moira! She can contact me offline if she wishes. I have done Armstrong research in Bewcastle and Lanercost dating back to the late 1500's and am in contact with other Armstrong researchers in the same area of Stapleton, Bewcastle, and Lanercost.

Anonymous said...

My great-great-great grandmother Margaret Armstrong was born in Bewcastle about 1791 or thereabouts. She married Thomas Gillesby in Stapleton in 1813 and had seven children before emigrating to Canada West in 1833, settling in Hamilton Ontario (Wentworth County). One more child was born. Margaret died in 1853 and is buried in the Christ Church Cathedral cemetery in Hamilton.

I don't know anything about her family of origin. Does a Margaret born 1791 or thereabouts in Bewcastle ring any bells for anyone?

mvmike said...

I have enjoyed looking through your website, and thought our family's "Lanercost Roots" might be of interest some of your readers.

My wife's family ancestry includes Edward Charlton (b. abt 1761 in Bedlington) and Catherine Calvert. Following is some of what we have pieced together from family notes and internet sources,

Mike Smith.

Edward Charlton was born 1 Nov 1761 in Bedlington, Northumberland, England. His parents were Edward Charlton and Mary Walker.

Edward's paternal home was near Brampton in the County of Cumberland. His family attended the old Walton Church, which was also the church of the Robson's, Routledge's and the Calvert's (all of these four families eventually settled in North Middlesex County, Canada.)

It was in this old Walton Church that Edward Charlton was married in 1801 to Catherine Calvert (b. 1776.) Catherine was the daughter of the proprietor of Cumrenton Estate; she was born at a place called "Moorguards" in the Parish of Kingswater near Gilsen Wells. Edward and Catherine lived there for about five years (their first four children were born there), then moved into the Abba Parish and there the other children were born, before they emigrated to Canada in 1824.

NOTE: The Cumrenton Estate lies just north of Hadrian's Wall and within a mile of both the village of Newton and the village of Irthington. Some sources state that the Cumrenton Estate was built in part with stones from Hadrian's wall.

Edward and Catherine raised the following children:
--- Robert Charlton b: 1802 at Moorguards, in Kingswater Parish, Cumberland County.
--- Mary Hannah Charlton b: 1803 at Moorguards, in Kingswater Parish.; m. Robert Stonehouse in Lobo Township, Nov. 10, 1829
--- Hannah Henrietta Charlton b: 1804 at Moorguards, in Kingswater Parish.; m. David Stonehouse Nov. 27, 1827
--- Edward Charlton b: 1804 at Moorguards, in Kingswater Parish.
--- John Charlton b: 1806 in Abba Parish, Cumberland County.
--- Anne Charlton b: 1806 in Abba Parish.
--- John Charlton b: 1810 in Abba Parish.
--- Jane Charlton b: 1812 in Abba Parish; m. Jacob Stonehouse March 20, 1832
--- Child Charlton in Abba Parish.
--- James Charlton b: 1812 in Abba Parish.
--- William Charlton b: AUG 1814 in Abba Parish; m. Isabella Douglas
--- Joseph Charlton b: AUG 1814 in Abba Parish; m. Mary J. Barnes
--- Catherine Charlton b. 1816 in Abba Parish; m. Thomas Allen.

Edward and Catherine left Cumberland, England in 1824 and sailed for Canada. The trip took them 21 weeks. They first lived in what was then known as "Muddy York", in York County, Canada, near the location of the present city of Toronto. (Toronto was not incorporated as a city until a decade later, in 1834, with a population of about 9,000 people.)

They lived in Muddy York for a while, then moved to a farm in York Township near Weston. After being there for a few years, Edward and Catherine moved the family to the Township of Lobo, County of Middlesex, and bought a very large tract of good farmland. Lobo Township borders Scarborough Township (where the Stonehouse family lived) in what is now part of the greater Toronto metropolitan area.

The Charlton and Stonehouse families became closely intertwined through the marriages of three Stonehouse sons to three Charlton daughters between 1827 and 1832:
--- Nov. 27, 1827: David Stonehouse married Henrietta Charlton.
--- Nov. 10, 1829: Robert Stonehouse married Mary Hannah Charlton.
--- Mar. 20, 1832: Jacob Stonehouse married Jane Charlton.

Edward Charlton died on October 27, 1854, in Lobo Township, Ontario, Canada. He is buried in the Charlton Cemetery, Lobo Twp., Ontario.

Christene Hoffert said...

The post concerning Edward Charlton had some errors. According to a letter written by his son William in 1890. His father Edward was born in West Allendale, Northumberland in 1770 not in 1761. His grave in the Charlton cemetery in Lobo Twp clearly states that. John Calvert Charlton was baptised 23 Jun 1808 in Lanercost and is my 2x great grandfather. He did not move to Lobo twp with the family. I found this website looking for history of the area in the time my family lived there.
Christene Hoffert

mvmike said...

Hi Christene,

Thankyou for your correction to the info I had collected concerning Edward Charlton and his family. As I said, much of what I have posted is "deduced" from several sources, some of them online, and there have been many gaps that needed filling. I'll post your correction as a "post-it" note on my family records in Rootsweb. Again, thankyou!

Christene Hoffert said...

I was in Ontario recently and found the obit for Edward Charlton which indicated he was born in 1771 with possible parents Edward Charlton and Hannah Short baptized in Ninebanks, Northumberland. There was also an obit notice from Hexham in 1838 for a Hannah Charlton at an advanced age.
Christene Hoffert