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Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 2 December 2007


On the road through what is now the Keilder Forest Park in Northumberland, stands Greystead Churchyard, Keilder. ... on the right hand side headed south... There are some neglected Goodfellow gravestones and some years ago with Aurea, we pulled the ivy off one which read:
Hector Goodfellow died at Redsyke, March 23, 1863 aged 81 years and Margaret Armstrong, widow of the above died Bellbank, June 10, 1867aged 76 years
(plus more names not noted)... This churchyard deserves another visit at some point!

The bleak croft of Redsyke (now ruined and in the middle of the new 'forest') was family home to Goodfellows..... I do not know how this Hector fits in to the Goodfellow tree..
i.e. was he an uncle to William Routledge Goodfellow?


Rosemary said...

This post is so interesting, June. You have touched on a path I plan to follow in the future. The church transcripts were filled with the births of the offspring of the Redsyke Goodfellows. We know that William Routledge Goodfellow was raised at Underwood. (I went to take a look at Underwood when I was there.) But I strongly suspected that there was a connection with the Redsyke family, as you are suggesting here. I recall an article in one issue of the Bewcastle Journal about Redsyke.

Bobbie Jean Hooser said...

There is a Bewcastle marriage of a Hector Goodfellow and Margaret Armstrong 22 June 1816 which would be in the right time period.

Bobbie Jean Hooser said...

This should answer a few questions. Looks like oldest son William's wife died at Greystoke, then other's followed?

6/22/1816 MARRIAGE: HECTOR GOODFELLOW, Lanercost Parish and MARGARET ARMSTRONG of Bewcastle. WT: Andrew Rutherford and Ann Scott. FHL Film #90564: FHC#3969: Bishop's transcripts for Bewcastle, 1665-1894 Church of England. Parish Church of Bewcastle (Cumberland)

1851 England Census: Redsyke, Askerton, Cumberland, England, Registration district: Brampton Sub-registration district: Hayton
ED 4a; hh 1, page 1.
HECTOR GOODFELLOW, Head, 68, born Lanercost, Farmer of 1400 acres; MARGARET, Wife, 58, [born abt 1793], Bewcastle; WILLIAM, son, 33, [b abt 1818] Unmar, born Lanercost; JAMES, son, Unmar, 31 [b. 1820], born Lanercost; HECTOR, son, 27, Unmar, born Lanercost; ARCHIBALD, 25, Unmar, born Lanercost; RICHARD, son, 23, Unmar, born Lanercost; Jame A, 12; ; JOHN, 18 [b abt 1833], son, Unmar, born Lanercost;, JANNET, 12, Daughter, born Lanercost, Unmar; MARY BEATTIE, Servant, Unmar, 20, born North Falstone, Northumberland; ANDREW HUGGAN, 55, Farm Lab., Wdr, born Plumbton Cumberland ; WILLIAM STATER, 43, Farm Servant, Unmar, born Brighton; JOHN JACKSON, 39, Farm Lab born Scotland; ALEXANDER HEWETSON, 52; Wdr, British Subject born Scotland.

1861 England Census: Redsyke, Askerton, Cumberland, England, Gilsland St Mary Eccl parish, Registration district: Brampton Sub-registration district: Walton, ED 5; hh 4, Page 3, Folio 40, hh 14.
HECTOR GOODFELLOW, 79 [Abt 1782], Farmer of 1300 acres, born Lanercost; MARGARET, 68 [Abt 1793], Wife, born Bewcastle; WILLIAM A, 44,[Abt 1817], Wdr, Son, born Lanercost; THOMAS, 40 [Abt 1821], Farmer's Son, born Lanercost; HECTOR, 36 [Abt 1825], Unmar, Farmer's Son, born Lanercost; ARCHIBALD, 34 [Abt 1827], Farmer's Son, Unmar, born Lanercost; RICHARD, 31 [Abt 1830] Farmer's Son, Unmar, born Lanercost, JOHN, 28 [Abt 1833] Farmer's son, born Lanercost, Unmar; JANNET S, 22 [Abt 1839] Daughter, Unmar; WALTER, Grandson, 6 [Abt 1855], born Greystead, Northumberland; MARY A, Grand Daughter, 8 [Abt 1853], born Greystead, Northumberland, Scholar; HECTOR, Grandson, 4,[abt 1857] Scholar, born Greystead, Northumberland; JOHN OLIVER, 44, Unmar, born Ireland; CATHERINE BEATTIE, 28, Servant, Unmar, born Scotland; MARGARET ELLIOT, 17, Visitor, born Nichol Forest, Cumberland.

Barb Wedderburn said...

Good Day everyone,

The Goodfellows of REd Syke that you speak of are of my direct line of Goodfellows. The was an article in the Hawick from 1912 that concerns "The Goodfellows of Red Syke" I was wondering if anyone would be able to locate it in the archives and be able to get a copy or scan of it. I would be very interested in reading this article. I'm sorry all I have is the year.

"The Goodfellows and their descendants have lived for 600 years years at Red Syke." This item was taken from a copy of letters from Robert Goodfellow, in about 1830. Robert Goodfellow was my 3rd great grandfather. He was the historian of the family and I do have copies of some of his letters. We have this family back to 1610 with Hector Goodfellow b. Cumberland abt. 1610 and d. abt. 1642 at Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland. We have no wife at this time. As far as I can tell they only had one child. Archibald Goodfellow (no dates) married Mary Scott. They had 3 children that I am aware of. Hector Goodfellow (1680-1778) married Miss. Margaret, William Goodfellow (1693-1740) married Isabella Scott and Jean Goodfellow (1690-1783) married John Scott.

Bobbie Jean Hooser said...

I ran across this website, a picture of the Red Syke area: