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Monday, 28 January 2008

Armstrongs, Ewarts and Scotts in the Bewcastle area.

Hi Bewcastle researchers.
This is the information I have gather so far.
My grandmother was Catherine Farquharson (nee Scott) born Dec. 29. 1870. Bewcastle
James & Janet Armstrong married April 9, 1789
1. William b. April 10/1791
2. Margaret b. March 22/1798
3. Mary ? christened ?b. Nov. 25.1795
4. Anna ? chirstened ?b. Nov. 25, 1795
5. Jane b. March 22, 1798
6. Richard b. Dec. 18, 1800
7. John April 6, 1803
8.Elizabeth b. April 24, 1805
9. Katherine b. 1807  (She becomes my great, great grandmother Ewart - see below)
The above information came from Bobbie Jean - Thanks

The following information comes from family sources and studying census records I have places where they lived from 1841 onwards.

Katherine (Catherine) Armstrong  married Andrew Ewart Nov. 25th , 1826 Bewcastle
(1807 - 1880)                                                      (1797 - 1882)
1. William Ewart b. 1827 becomes a farmer
2. John Ewart b. 1829
3. Joseph Ewart (1831-1906) Became the Lord Mayor of Brighton, Sussex in the late 1880s
4.James Ewart b. 1834 - becomes a farmer
5. Mary Ewart b. 1836
6. Andrew Ewart b. 1838 - becomes a farmer
7. Janet Armstrong Ewart b. 1843
8. Grace Ewart b. 1845 - Lives with her brother Joseph in Brighton - never married
9. Elizabeth Ewart b. 1840 d. 1881. (My great grandmother Ewart)
All children were born in Bewcastle, Cumberland.
Census records show that they lived Holmhead, Woodside & Mire looking at census records from 1841-1891.  I have photos of Holmhead and Woodside. 

(Question. Would the above Andrew Ewart senior be a brother to George  Ewart residing at the Knowe farm in the 1871 census. ? Andrew 73yrs.  George 71 years.) 
Please see attached photograph of Andrew Ewart.

Elizabeth Ewart married  James Scott in Bewcastle  ( Scotts lived at Stelshaw)
Married Feb 16, 1867.
1.Andrew Scott b. 1868 came to Canada in 1889 to Saskatchewan
2. Henry Scott b. Oct. 19, 1869 - died March 2, 1943, Boise City, Idaho. USA
3. Catherine Scott b. Dec. 29, 1870 - Dec. 1967 (My grandmother Farquharson)
(came to Canada in 1922. to Saskatchewan)
4. Wilhelmina Scott b. 1873
5. Grace Scott b. 1874
6. Janet Scott (twin) b. July 29, 1875
7. John Scott (twin) b. July 29, 1875 d. 1960 Canada - emigrated in 1903 to Canada
8. Agnes Scott b. 1878 d. 1931 in Saskatchewan, Canada
9. James Scott b. 1880 d. 1882 
All the above children were born in Bewcastle.

Catherine Scott b. 1870 married William Farquharson of West Linton, Scotland.
They were married Oct. 7, 1896 in Yarrow, Selkirkshire, Scotland.
1. Alexander Forrester Farquharson b. Sept. 30 1897 - died. Aug.22/1917 WWI France
2. James Farquharson b. April 25. 1899
3. Wilfred Bertram Farquharson b. Dec. 15, 1907

Andrew Scott came to Canada about 1889
John Scott came to Canada in 1903
Henry Scott moved to Boise City, Idaho from Scotland in 1909
Catherine Scott (Farquharson) and sons James Farquharson  and W.B. Farquharson. & sister Agnes Scott came to Saskatchewan Canada in 1922.

There are approximately  170 descendants from Andrew Scott and Catherine Scott(Farquharson) here in Canada.

Any connections??


Tom said...

Hello Moira,
In your post on 27th Jan. 2008 you posed the question "would the above Andrew Ewart senior be a brother to George Ewart residing at the Knowe farm in the 1871 census".
They were not brothers, Andrew's parents were John Ewart (cir 1761-1831) and Elizabeth Routledge (1758-1824), married at Bewcastle on 18th May 1790, while George's parents were John Ewart and Ellenor(sic), not much known about them so far, but in the 1861 and 1871 census George had a brother Andrew living with him at the Knowe farm (shown as "Joint Farmer").
Your Andrew senior(1797-1882) and I were 2nd Cousins 6 times removed, through his mother Elizabeth Routledge.
I am still trying to unravel the mysteries of the Routledge families in the Bewcastle area.
If you think I may be able to give further help -- please ask.

Tom said...

Hello again,
Just a quick correction to my comment on 9th. Feb. 2008.
I said that the George Ewart in question was the son of John Ewart of the Knowe and his wife Ellenor.
This is incorrect -- Ellenor Bryce was the 2nd. wife of John and they had no issue.
George's mother was Jane Wilson (1777-1809) the first wife of John Ewart (married 29th May 1799 at Nicholforest). George's brother Andrew (1804-1885) was unmarried when he died at the Knowe.

mary said...

Trawling through this sight for the first time ,I was interested to see the info re.the Ewarts of Bewcastle.

My husbands grt grandmother was Catherine Ewart ,daughter of William and Sybella and gr.daughter of Andrew and Catherine.:she married aThomas Henderson of Hole House farm ,Slaggyford.

I have alittle info about the Ewarts and some monument inscriptions from the church at Kirkandrews on Esk near Canonbie the area they originated from.

Mary Pattinson.