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Thursday, 31 January 2008

ELLIOTs+ in Bewcastle

Thanks to Rosemary for letting me post.

This has not all been completely proven by documentary evidence.

James ELLIOT (this could be him - The Bewcastle Parish Register shows James ELLIOT was the s/o John & Mary (nee HUNTER) ELLIOT of Roanstrees. He was a joiner)
chr 2 Aug 1805 Bewcastle
d 23 April 1880 aged 73; Nether Oakshaw, Bellbank, Bewcastle CUM
1841 census Newcastleton Village Castleton ROX
1861 Castleton ROX
marr 1 16 Nov 1833 Aspatria CUM ENG Spouse Mary BROWN. d 8 April 1837 aged 29 (Cem record)
marr 2 Bewcastle CUM ENG 13 Feb 1839 Spouse 2 Helen HEWITSON/HOTSON/HUDSON b Newcastleton abt 1815; d 1895 Hawick ROX, SCT

Children of first marriage of James & Mary
1. John ELLIOT b abt 1833 ENG
d 7 Feb 1892 Nether Oakshaw, BEW; aged 61 years
1861 census Castleton ROX
1881 census Nether Oakshaw, Bewcastle CUM farmer 39 acres
marr Jane ; d 30 Dec 1919 at Shaw Head; aged 79

2. Elizabeth ELLIOT
b 15 Aug 1834 Bewcastle CUM (IGI to James ELLIOT & Mary)
1841 census Castleton Newcastleton Village, ROX, SCT

3. Mary ELLIOT
?d in infancy

Children of second marriage of James & Helen (Ellen):
4. William ELLIOT- my direct line
b abt 1838 in either Castleton, ROX or Bewcastle CUM
marr 30 Nov 1866 Teviothead Smithy ROX Spouse Christina POW (marr. cert. names his parents as James ELLIOT & Helen HEWITSON)

5. Robert ELLIOT
b to James ELLIOT & Helen nee HUDSON
chr 29 March 1840 Bewcastle ENG (IGI)
1841 census Castleton Newcastleton Village
1871 census Broadlie Castleton
1881 census 7 Whitchester St Castleton; rly lab
marr 27 May 1870 Middlebie, DUM; Spouse Agnes CARRUTHERS b abt 1847 to Wm CARRUTHERS (joiner) & Helen
Children of Robert & Agnes
a) James Graham b 30 June 1870 7 p.m. at Breadlie, Castleton
b) William C b abt 1873 Castleton
c) Nelly b abt 1875 Castleton d. Mary b abt 1878 Castleton

6. Isabella ELLIOT b. 7 Aug 1842 Castleton ROX
1861 census North Hermitage St, Castleton marr (IGI)aged 26 at marr;
marr 12 Sep 1868 Bewcastle Spouse Robert KYLE
Children: all born in ROX a) Nelly KYLE
b) Adam KYLE
c) James KYLE
d) Mary KYLE

7 James ELLIOT b abt 1847 Castleton ROX
1861 census North Hermitage St, Castleton
d 8 March 1880 aged 33 years; at Kinkry Hill

8. Mary ELLIOT
b abt 1850 Castleton ROX (or 28 April 1850 Bewcastle to James ELLIOTT & Ellen)
1861 census North Hermitage St, Castleton
d Dec 12 1870 aged 21 years

9. Esther ELLIOT
b ??7 Oct 1855 Bewcastle to James ELLIOTT & Ellen
d 23rd April 1882 Nether Oakshaw, Bewcastle, CUM; aged 27
1861 census North Hermitage St, Castleton
1881 census with bro John on farm at Nether Oakshaw

10. Jane ELLIOT
b 13 Jan 1858 Newcastleton
1861 census North Hermitage St, Castleton marr 19 yrs;
marr 20 OCT 1877 Bewcastle, Cumberland Spouse John IRVING (IGI); aged 20 yrs at marr Children a. Sarah (IGI) chr 10 March 1878 Bewcastle

11. Robina ELLIOT
b 29 March 1861 Newcastleton
1861 census North Hermitage St, Castleton - 1 month
1881 census with bro John on farm at Nether Oakshaw
marr 12 Dec 1885 Bewcastle Spouse Joseph FOSTER (IGI)

I was also given the following info from a Cumberland lister which I believe refers to my ELLIOTs:
About 1819 James Elliot of Newcastleton acquired Nether Oakshaw in right of his wife Mary Little the 1831 Bewcastle Valuation Book says "Mary, the eldest daughter of William Little who was heir to her brother[Richard, who was mortgagee to N.O for £250 so the Littles got it because the mortgager could not repay the £250], is proprietor of the Customary part and also One Third of the Freehold allotment of Common as Coheir with her Two younger Sisters" [Elizabeth and Alice]. And between 1826-29 the land tax lists show Mary Little as owner.
In October 1830 James and Mary mortgaged Nether Oakshaw to John Scott, and in April 1831 mortgaged again this time to James and Margaret Douglas for £350. In 1844 the property was held by John Scott "in Trust for the children of James Elliot" About 1857 N.O passed to John Elliot & William and Elizabeth Little.


Monument No.262 in Bewcastle Churchyard:-

Erected in memory of Mary, wife of James Elliot of Netheroakshaw, who died April 8th 1837, aged 29 years.

Also Mary, daughter to the above, who died in her infancy.

Also of the above James Elliot, who died at Nether Oakshaw, April 23rd 1880, aged 73 years. Also of Mary, their daughter, who died December 12th 1870, aged 21 years.

Also of James, his son, who died at Kinkry Hill, March 8th 1880 aged 33 years.

Also of Esther, his daughter, who died at Nether Oakshaw, April 23rd 1882, aged 27 years.

Also of John, his son, who died Feby.7th 1892, aged 61 years.

Also of Jane, widow of the last named John Elliot, who died at Shaw Head, Decr. 30th 1919, aged 79 years.

My line ended up in ROX, SCT. William's daughter, Helen Dickson ELLIOT married John GARDNER. In 1913 they emigrated to Australia with their family. The youngest son of William, Gavin Pow ELLIOT, emigrated to Australia as a single man in 1899.

Hoping to find some connections.

Reading the DODGSON info online, I feel as if there is a connection there. The odd thing is that my sister, married a DODGSON here in Australia, but I'm not sure if his family is from Cumberland.

Judy in Australia

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Armstong (b. 24 Apr 1805)married John Dogdson in 1830, had four children before departing for South Australia aboard the vessel "John" arriving Port Adelaide, in Feb 1840. John and Elizabeth (nee Armstrong) Dodgson are buried in the Golden Gove Cemetery,in Adelaide's northeastern Suburbs. They had some at least 38 grandchildren that I can account four.