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Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 27 January 2008

forsters and harding at bewcastle

Both my great grandads came from Bewcastle. Edward Harding was the son of John Harding and Grace Noble (Pikefoot) a carpenter. Im having real trouble tracing my great grandad Thomas Forster...all I know is that is father was William Foster a farmer (Crossgreens) who I think married Mary Murray(Ashycroft)...the family eventually living at Whitebeck before William Charlton Forster (??a half brother or cousin to Thomas) bought Smithsteads, the Forsters still live there now. Thomas' uncle was John Forrester...so tracing this family with all the different spellings has been a nightmare... any help gratefully appreciated

Susan Stephenson


chris said...

hi susan,
i'm descended from the forsters of whitebeck, and have been doing a bit of research on the family.
i've never came accross the thomas forster you're talking about, but william forster(1830) born crossgreens did marry mary murray. william was my gg grandfathers brother.
i also found that william charlton forster who farmed smithsteads was the child of barbara forster, one of my gg grandfathers sisters.
look fwrd to hearing from you, chris forster.

Calgarydon said...

Hi Susan,

Grace Noble is my first cousin four times removed. I've identified 6 other children in that family (actually, the cousin-researchers I work with have identified other family members!)--Edward is new to me. If you are interested in exchanging information, please contact me at calgarydon@gmail.com.