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Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 27 January 2008


My g.g.g.grandmother was Jane Goodfellow (b.1833/4) in Stapleton parish in Cumbria. She died on 28.11.1911 (78) in Pelaw, Gateshead. She married Thomas Coulson on 24.4.1861 in Haltwhistle. Jane's father was John Goodfellow (b.1804/5) at Floweryhirst (or Floneryhirst), Lanercost, Cumberland. He was an agricultural labourer and died 16.3.1884, aged 80 yrs. He died at The Crooks, Thirlwall, nr Haltwhistle. Jane Goodfellow's mother was Mary Blaylock (b.1804) in Kirkandrews on Esk, Cumberland and she died 30.12.1883 (aged 79 yrs). I suspect (no proof apart from the fact that the families are adjacent to each other on the 1841 census sheet) that her father was Francis Blaylock (b.1765 in Kirkandrews on Esk) and who died 14.2.1860 (aged 94 yrs) at Low Sowerbies, Bewcastle. A David Faulder, (who has been in touch via Ancestry.co.uk has advised me that he has found the following memorial inscription: Erected in memory of Francis Blaylock who died at Low Sowerbies/Sourbies in Bewcastle 15 February 1860 aged 94 years, Mary Ewart, wife of Francis Blaylock, in Riddings who died October 4 1809 aged 33 years. Also John, grandson of the above and son of George Blaylock who died at Sowerbies in Bewcastle July 30 1837 aged 13 years.

Jane (my g.g.g.grandmother) seems to have had several brothers and sisters: Mary (b.1829/30, at Sowerby, Elizabeth (b.1832/3 Stapleton), then comes Jane, Anne (b.1834 Bewcastle), John (b.1835 at Nichol Forest, died 1917 (77 yrs) in Haltwhistle, Hannah (b.1838 at Nichol Forest), George (b.23.3.1841 at High Sheldhill (or Shieldhill), Bewcastle, Hector (b.1843 at Nichol Forest - a gamekeeper) and Ellen (b.1848 at Greenhead).

Many of these names, e.g. Goodfellow, Ewart, Hector, etc., seem to feature on your website. Can you throw any light on where "my lot" might fit in with what you have already established?

John, brother of Jane (g.g.g.grandmother) was married to Margaret Nixon (b.abt. 1838 in Thirlwall, nr Haltwhistle) and seems to have had two children, Barbara (b.1869) and Mary Jane (b.1871).

Any assistance you can give would be very much appreciated.

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pdj_singleton said...

The Blaylocks and the Goodfellows don't actually appear to be next-door to each other, though very close.
I am intrigued by the Blaylock household in 1841 as there is Francis (1766) and his two daughters Elizabeth (1811) and Jane (1816) (as confirmed by the 1851 Census) and 5 children: Robert (1826), Mary (1829), Francis (1835), James (1837) and Mary (1837) (1851 confirms the last two as grandchildren of Francis Sr.).
Clearly Robert could be Elizabeth's natural son (she would have been 15 or 16) and Mary too - or was there a son (George?) who had died or moved away by then