I originally created this blog to document my work on the family history of my grandmother, Maggie Goodfellow Story, later known as Madge Rogers. She was from Bewcastle. After it became evident that other family historians were attracted to the site, I invited them to share their memories and family histories from Bewcastle and the surrounding parishes. And so, it is evolving into a useful research tool for genealogists. Please note, if you want to read my original work, you will need to scroll down to the beginning of the blog and continue reading up.

If you have information that you would like to share here, or a question, you need to become a blog author and make a posting. To do this, contact me at rosemarydale3@yahoo.co.uk, and I will send you a permission. However, I can not respond to requests for further information or assistance.

Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 27 January 2008


Hi all. I am afraid I haven't been paying too much attention to this blog for a while, what with one thing and another. I have been receiving quite a few emails over the last couple of months. Today I sent those folks an invitation to post on this site. The blog is enabled so that anyone can post comments. The trouble with comments is that if they are made to a post that is quite old, people may not see them. Actually putting your information in a post will make it more visible. I would like to open the blog so that anyone can post, but I don't think it is possible.

I am personally unable to respond to specific queries, but others may well be able to do so. (I also can't do any more welcomes, but you are welcome anyway!) So if you sent me an email requesting help, post your question on the blog, and see what others have to say. I have just realized that great information has been posted here. Thank you all. Some of you have emailed me records and research. I don't have the time to place it on the blog. Please try to do it yourselves because it will be of interest and help to others.

Thanks for all your interest and happy digging!

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