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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Potts families in the Bewcastle / Lanercost area


I don't know if you can help, but I'm trying to find out any information on the Potts families of the Bewcastle / Lanercost area. I believe my Potts line to be through Leonard b1677, David b1749, William b1806, William b1839. I believe some Potts families lived at Wintershields and Lines Farm.

My great great grandfather William Potts b1839 Bridge End, Askerton married Ann Walton and lived in Walker, Northumberland, they had several children, including my great grandfather Joseph Cornelius Potts.

My grandfather and his three siblings were orphaned when their father Joseph Cornelius died during World War 1 in 1917 and their mother from influenza the following year (my grandfather was a baby). The children apparently went to live with their grandparents for several years, until grandad's two sisters left for New Zealand, aged 14 and 16. He and his brother went on to live with an Aunt in Northumberland.

He and his brother never saw their sisters again, but I managed to track down the families of his two sisters in April last year and we have been in regular contact since.

We have certificates for my great grandfather Joseph Cornelius Potts - his birth certificate gives his parents to be William Potts and Annie Walton. On the census it shows William to have been born 1839 Lanercost.

We have a birth certificate for William and it indicates he was born at Bridge End, Askerton, his father was William Potts (an innkeeper at this time) and his mother Jane Smith. Neither William or Jane appear together on any of the census data, which makes things a little tricky! William we believe died between 1861-1871.

As my grandfather and his siblings were so young when they were orphaned they knew very little of their family, which has made things a little more difficult. The fact that there just seemed to be so many Potts's in the Bewcastle and Lanercost area makes matters worse, it's difficult to work out who belongs to who!

I would be eternally grateful for any information relating to Pott's in the area which could help to piece the jigsaw together!

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Bobbie Jean Hooser said...

I would be glad to correspond off line about the Potts of Lanercost and Bewcastle. I have a lot to share.

Jim Potts said...

I descend from Leonard also would love to compare notes and photographs

Bobbie Jean Hooser said...

Caroline or Jim can e-mail me through my e-mail address posted in the lower left under my picture. I have research on the Potts. I am mostly an Armstrong researcher. David Potts' first wife was Mary Armstrong, which is of my line. Leonard was the father of David. He also married an Armstrong. I have some extractins from the Howard Papers at Durham University on Leonard. If you have trouble contacting me, go through Rosemary who can contact me.

Anonymous said...

I am researching this family through the Ellwood tree.
William Potts died 22 October 1868. There does not appear to be a death listing for him but his probate is recorded as follows:
William Potts, effects under £600. 11 November 1868 Letters of administrtion with the Will annexed of the personal estate and effects of William Potts late of Stanwix in the county of Cumberland horse dealer deceased who died 22 October 1868 at Stanwix aforesaid were granted at Carlisle to Mary Potts (wife of Frederick Potts, Cattle dealer) of Stanwix aforesaid the Mother the Universal Legatee named in the said Will she having been first sworn.

Note Frederick being his brother.

Baptised 2 Apr 1804 father William Potts, mother Grace Elwood