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Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 27 January 2008

This is information that Tom emailed to me early in December. He had given me permission to post it, so I am doing that now. It comes from two separate emails.

My paternal Grandmother was Mary Forster, the youngest of 4 children, born to Joseph Forster [1843 - 1890 ] and his wife Frances Ann Armstrong.

Joseph was one of Twin sons born to Robert Forster and his wife Mary Ewart. Henry his Twin died in Dec. 1846 [age 3 years ] at Crookburn.

Thus Joseph and Elizabeth Forster [ 1828 - 1909 ] were brother and sister and my software calculates that you and I are third cousins once removed.

Recently [ 27th Nov. I believe ] two photos of "Elizabeth Forster Goodfellow" were posted on your blog by June. Would I be correct in taking this Lady to be "Elizabeth Forster" [ 1828 - 1909 ] the daughter of Robert Forster and Mary Ewart. She married William Routledge Goodfellow in November 1851 ??

As I said at the start I find your blog really interesting, it has given me lots of leads in developing this part of my Tree.

You mentioned Joan Robson and Aurea Telford earlier in the blog, these two ladies really started me on the Paternal side of my Family Tree. Joan gave me a huge Dodd Tree and Aurea gave me lots of information, both written and verbal. She also allowed me to copy the book "The Dodgsons of Dodgsonstown" which takes some branches of my family way back into the 1600s.


Reading the recent Post about her (June's) visit to Greystead made me sit up when she mentioned "Redsyke" farm. A 2xgreat grandaunt of mine Isabella Dodd married William Armstrong Goodfellow in March 1852 at Greystead and while she died in 1858 William and others in the Goodfellow family were still farming at Redsyke in the 1901 census. Unfortunately I do not know of any connection with the Whintingston Goodfellows.

Back to Aurea -- We are 2nd Cousins once removed, her Grandmother Mary Potts and my Great - Grandmother Rosanna Potts were sisters.


June said...

Rosemary, You are also related through Elizabeth Forster Goodfellow
(your Gt. grandmother's mother)
and Aurea's Gt. Grandmother, through her mother Alice Goodfellow Elliot.... my mother's cousin.

pdj_singleton said...

Do you know anything more about Mary Ewart? I am researching the Bewcastle Ewarts and have a few 'single' Mary Ewarts, who might have been the spouse of Robert Forster, but have you any birth dates or parents?

pdj_singleton said...

Actually have just checked IGI and there was a Robert Foster who married Mary Ewart at Bewcastle on 15 July 1826, suggesting she was born c. 1800-1810. In which case I have a possible contender:
Mary Ewart (b 1806) dau. of George Ewart and ?? Forster, grandau. of George Ewart and Mary Morton
There may be others, of course.

pdj_singleton said...

Have since spotted an early note that I made from Rosemary's Ancestry tree that Robert Forster and this Mary Ewart were indeed married with 10 children!