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Rosemary Dale

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Link to a great website

Here is the site that I promised to place here ages ago, and I apologize to June for taking so long. This is a project whereby people are posting photos on a map grid of the UK. The shorter link is to the home page, and the longer link is to the Bewcastle page. Also, here are some photos I found there that link to our family history.



Underwood Farm, where our grandmother's maternal grandfather grew up.

I think this is Shawhead on the left (where Gran's paternal grandfather lived and then Gran grew up there, and Shawhead Cottage on the right where her father and his two brothers lived as young men.
Knowe Church

Judging by the names this is close to Whintingstown and Shawhead.


Paul Dixon said...

Thanks for linking to Geograph, but please note that while you are welcome to reproduce images from in your blog, you must do so in accordance with the Creative Commons licence our contributors have adopted.

All this means is that you must credit the photographer of each image, for example, the Knowe United Reform Church was taken by Richard Dear.

Kind regards,

Geograph British Isles

Rosemary said...

The other photos here were all taken by Peter McDermott.