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Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Hi there,
I was very interested to read your blog about your family and realised that the Robert and Betty of Harpers hill are also in my family tree!!!
My Great grandmother was Sybella Kyle 1859-1937 born at Peela Hill Bewcastle and later living at Harpers Hill 1881 with parents Robert and Jane Kyle and siblings William Catherine and Margaret
However I cannot find and trace of them in the 1871 or 1861 census.
I do have them in the 1851 census at Peela Hill Robert and Jane (parents) have Mary Ann Jane Elizabeth Agnes Isabella and Sybella although this Sybella is 10 years too old to be the one I am looking for.
You obviously have a lot of info about the area and I wondered if you could shed any light on what happened at Harpers hill during my missing years.
My Aunt remembers Betty Robert and Evelyn Kyle and also mentions William and Robert as being their brothers
She is sure that the Kyles were at Peela hill or Harpers hill and did not move anywhere else but I am very puzzled about this gap on the census
Hoping you can help to solve this puzzle that is driving me mad!!!!
Yours Jan


John_Tomlinson said...

I am interested in a servant in the Kyle household at Harper Hill, has shown in the 1901 Census. William Murray, aged 14, is described as a "cattleman on the farm". I think he married a Margaret Gillespie in the Brampton Civil District in 1912 and was the father of John James Murray. John James Murray signed up as an infantryman in the Highland Light Infantry and died near the Dutch-German border in January 1945. I have not yet been able to locate Harper Hill. Where is/was it?

Rosemary: said...

If you click on the map that I have titled "Farms and Cottages", you will find Harper Hill down in the lower left corner, near Stapleton.

John_Tomlinson said...

Many thanks -- very helpful. I have (virtually) covered a lot of Bewcastle territory in the last few days in pursuit of Murrays multitudinous and Gillespies/Gillespes/Gillespeys gregarious.