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Sunday, 25 October 2009


Two of my 3x great grandparents were Routledge from Bewcastle (both descended from the Oakshaw Routledge family). They were 2nd cousins once removed. Thomas Routledge (b 25 Jul 1763 Broderigg) and Elizabeth Routledge (b 27 Aug 1763 Raw).

Thomas' parents were: Henry Routledge (b 30 Jul 1720 Oakshaw) and Margaret Tweddle (b 6 Mar 1728 Ringing Hills Lanercost).

Elizabeth's parents were: George Routledge (b 17 Apr 1729 Todhills) and Grace (Grizzel) Routledge (6 Sep 1741 Oakshaw).

Henry's parents were: William Routledge (b c 1672 Oakshaw) and Grizzel Routledge (b c 1688)

Margaret I am leaving out as she was from Lanercost

George's parents were: George Routledge (b 10 Mar 1692 Stubb) and Margaret Routledge (?)

Grizzel's parents were: Thomas Routledge (b c 1712 Oakshaw) and Elizabeth Storye (d 2 Apr 1763)

Thomas Routledge (1712) and Henry Routledge (1720) were brothers.

I have a letter which George Routledge (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Routledge) wrote to Archibald Armstrong in 1839 from Ontario, Canada and I could include a transcription if you like.

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mandos said...

Thank you for this post. I just discovered I am descended from Thomas and Elizabeth Routledge, and I appreciate you sharing this information. It should help me as I begin researching this line of my family.

Elizabeth said...

I have discovered that there is an error in this listing since posting this story of the Routledge family. Grace Routledge's parents were Thomas Routledge of Hill and Mary Routledge of Kirkbeckstown. Grace had four siblings: Adam, Henry, John and Mary. Henry married Elizabeth (surname unknown) and they had three children Ann, John and Margaret (all baptized at Stapleton). Thomas Routledge and Mary Routledge were married 18 Nov 1733 at Bewcastle and the fther of Thomas was Thomas Routledge and the father of Mary Routledge was William Routledge.

The father of George Routledge baptized 10 Mar 1692 was James Routledge (his brother was William Routledge whose son John Routledge married Elizabeth Dodgson 11 May 1710 at Stapleton).

All this information from notes on the properties at Bewcastle prepared by another researcher and the will of

Carlisle Record Office Will of Archibald FORRESTER of Cleughside, Bewcastle [Bc] 1767, pg 63.
Grace Forrester, deceased poss. The mother of John Routledge
John Forrester, Wit
Adam Routledge s o Mary, Wid
George Routledge, of Oakshaw, Bc, father of 2 children
Grace Routledge, daughter of [d o ] Mary Routledge, Wid
Henry Routledge, s o Mary R*
Henry Routledge of Borderrigg, dec., father of 3 children
John Routledge s o Mary R*, Wid
John Routledge, my “sister’s son, possibly s o Grace
Leondard Routledge of Oakshaw
Mary Routledge of Crossgreens or Strandsheads, Wid, mother of Grace, Mary, Adam, John & Henry
Mary Routledge, d o Mary, Wid
William Routledge of Oakshaw, deceased, father of William R*
William Routledge of Oakshaw s o late William Routledge
Francis Armstrong, Wit
Catherine Dowglass of Ash w o Thomas Douglas
Thomas Dowglass [sic Douglas] of Ash husband of Catherine
Catherine Henderson d o Robert & Helenor Henderson
Helenor Henderson wife of Robert and mother of Catherine
Robert Henderson husband of Helenor & father of Catherine
Alexander Kennedie of Cleughside, Friend husband of Sibella
Catherine Kennedie of Cleughside, d o Alexander
Elizabeth Kennedie of Cleughside
John Kennedie of Cleughside s o Alexander
Sibella Kennedie of Cleughside w o Alexander
William Kennedie of Cleughside s o Alexander


Carlisle Record Office Will of Richard Routledge, Brampton, 1764, pg 129
? Routledge, wife
Christopher Routledge, nephew
Henry Routledge, Oakshaw, Bc
Jane Routledge, Daughter
John Routledge, Eldest s o William of Flat, Bc
Richard Routledge, son
Richard Routledge, second son of William R* of Flat, Bc
William Routledge, of Flat, Bc Yeoman father of John & Richard
Jane Armstrong, sister
Jno: Armstrong, Wit
Elizabeth Noble, sister
John Noble, nephew
Mary Carrick, niece, w o William
William Carrick, husband of niece, Mary
David Ewart of Brampton, friend
John Ewart, Wit
George Graham, nephew of Bc s o sister, Gracce and John Graham
Grace Graham, sister w o John and mother of Jane & George
Jane Graham, niece d o sister Grace & John Graham of Bewcastle
John Graham, brother-in-law husband of sister Grace and father of Jane & George
William Graham, Mr. of Sikeside, LP
Jane Hope, niece w o William Hope
William Hope, husband of Jane Hope
Joseph Nicolson, Gent, friend of Hawksdale, Cumberland

Elizabeth said...

Continuing on the comment above

The first will clearly shows George to be of the Oakshaw Routledge family and mentions Henry Routledge (my line) of Broderigg (and he was at the time of writing deceased).

The second will mentions Henry Routledge of Bewcastle and this must be written just prior to his death in 1764. This is only the abstract but he does not mention Henry as being related (to the testator William Routledge) but it would be interesting to read the will. Henry is also of Oakshaw but more distantly related that George.

This does fit in with the information on the Oakshaw Routledge family that they tended to marry cousins/2nd cousins/3rd cousins and the family lore that I have from my mother that there were three first cousin marriages in her lines. I have not found that they were first cousins but rather more likely 2nd and 3rd cousins. Thus far I have six Routledge lines who do are not yet connected to a common ancestor (Thomas Routledge and Elizabeth Routledge and then going back to their parents, Henry Routledge, George Routledge and Grace Routledge. One more generation back yields William Routledge, Grissel Routledge, George Routledge, (and possibly his wife was Margaret Routledge), Thomas Routledge and Mary Routledge).