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Rosemary Dale

Friday, 22 October 2010


(Vern has posted this as a comment, but I thought all this information would be more available to researchers as a new post. So I have taken the liberty to do that. - Rosemary)

Hello! Andrew Ewart and Catherine Armstrong are my great3x Grandparents through their second son John born 1829.
I hope the following may help to illuminate another branch of the Ewart family from Bewcastle.

John Ewart, second son of Andrew and Catherine Armstrong emigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada and married Mary Munro February 14, 1855. Their first son Andrew Holmhead Ewart was born Dec 24, 1855,and married Ruth Rowen, December 1884. He died Sept 1927 in Birkenhead, Chesire, U.K. He was a shipboard cattleman who apparently made many trips back and forth across the Atlantic between Montreal, his first home and Liverpool where he eventually resided. Next of John Ewart's children was Annabell born July 2, 1857, died September 1868 followed by Alexander, born September 25, 1859 (believed to have not survived childhood but no record found thus far), followed by John (Jack) Ewart born March 22, 1861, (married Jessie Herald and made his fortune in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada as a merchant in advance of the trans Canadian railway, had ill health and died in 1893 in Medicine Hat, leaving two children, Maclaren (married Susan Anglin) and Jacqueline (married Hector Duggan)).
My great grandmother Grace Ewart, was born June 7, 1862, married Henry Crowe Blair February 13, 1882,and died March 23, 1949, Truro, Nova Scotia,Canada (having three children, Caroline (my gmother, Georgina, Dorothy (died 5 yrs age) and James (kia WW1)) Born after Grace Ewart was Joseph William Ewart, born October 4th, 1863, died October 14th, 1863, followed by Catherine Alexandra, born February 4, 1866, died September 18, 1867.
John Ewart himself, died October 29, 1868 and Mary Munro, his wife, 3 weeks later November 22, 1868. They had seven children and 3 survived the loss of their young parents.

Also, some may already know, and others find it interesting that Joseph Ewart born 1831, younger brother of William Ewart, born 1827 (of Andrew and Catherine Armstrong of Holmhead and Woodside) and the above mentioned John Ewart of Montreal, Canada, became Sir Joseph Ewart M.D.,J.P., (knighted by Queen Victoria upon the recommendation of Prime Minister Gladstone)
and after a distinguished career in India, mayor of Brighton U.K.. He succeeded Andrew Ewart, his father to Holmhead and Woodside and his younger sister Grace, who never married, kept house for him after the death of his wife Madeline Lister, daughter of Major T. St. George Lister, 6th Dragoon Guards. Sir Joseph and Madeline's two children also died at this time (1863, shipboard from India). My uncle has a letter in his possession which Sir Joseph wrote his nephew in 1901, (also named Joseph), willing Holmhead to this particular nephew. After Sir Joseph's death this nephew then supposedly sold Holmhead and it was later purchased by Joseph Telford (and a brother of Joseph Telford's) married to Mary A. Ewart born 1834, daughter of Andrew and Catherine Armstrong (1891 Census shows Mary and Joseph's family at Dirtup) It was said that Joseph and Mary's son Joseph Ewart Telford married Anna Elliott of Bewcastleand my uncle states in his notes on the Ewart family, " The result of this union, James and Mary Telford were living at Holmhead when visited by Dr. Ewart B. (living) some fifteen years ago(1970)". (Note: Dr B. is my Uncle's first cousin and also a direct descendant of John Ewart and Mary Munro through his grandmother Grace Ewart Blair.) Dr. B found out that earlier in the same year Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut on the moon's surface, visited the same Telfords in search of his own roots.
I also noticed a posting earlier acknowledging the passing of Aurea Elliot Telford, who with her husband, farmed at Holmhead many years. I expect that she was a relation in some way to the above mentioned Telfords?


vern said...

Just a quick correction.
I noticed an error in Annabell Ewart's date of death. I had posted 1868, but typo'd this. It ought to read 1858. Sorry,

Pear tree cottage! said...

Hello Rosemary........is there a connection..........I came across your great blog just an hour ago and had to read it all. I am a Goodfellow, well I was until I married a Hamilton and here I am sitting reading what could be a great deal of information about my family on a lovely blog!!

I have added myself on your watchers I do hope that is ok! and will enjoy a chat from time to time. O! yes! my grandmother was a motherwell girl her husband (grandpa) was a goodfellow and aunties etc are still there.....they are all goodfellows the world has just got bigger down here in Australia (smiles)

best wishes Lee-Ann

marcus748 said...

If it is of any help placing names with times etc, I have a clock which was recovered from The United Methodist Church in Carlisle which has written on the face "Presented by Mrs Ann Ewart 1834"