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Rosemary Dale

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Hi there - My name is Marjorie Nixon-Sorrels and my family comes from
Bewcastle.  I enjoyed your blog, and saw many of our family names
(Armstrong, Nixon, Potts, Elliot, and Story)

My Great Grandfather was William Nixon and his wife Elizabeth (she went by
Bella) was a Granddaughter of William Lauder the minister of Bewcastle. My
Grt-Grandfathers Dad was also William Nixon and was a partner with Paul
Nixon in their contracting business.  The brothers Paul and William Nixon
were stone masons, who built bridges and churches in the north of England.
Their Father was a William Nixon who had a brother, a John Nixon, who had an
Esq. behind his name, (and I'm not sure why).  John and William's father was
called the "Laird of Mire or Mitre - (I can't quite make out the spelling).
There is a Thomas Nixon who married a young lady by the last name of Story
at the age of 80 plus.  They kept the news note from the Carlisle Patriot,
and Grt Grandpa has a note beside it the says "Nixons, eternally young". I'm
not quite sure if he is an Uncle, father or brother to William and John
Nixon, but was hoping you might know.

My Grt Grandpa William came to America in 1881, and my grandfather and he
worked as building contractors in Streator Illinois, USA.  Attached is a
picture that was mailed to Grt Grandpa Nixon sometime after 1881, and
Grandpa has noted "George Nixon in Suit, and Tom with hat and beard." Would
you mind posting this picture to see if anyone recognizes others in the
photo? Another relative living in America has a photo like this one, and it
has a note from "Lizzie" on the back.

Also, do you know if there are any photos of the Lauder, Story, and Nixon
gravestones in Bewcastle?

Thanks so much,

Marjorie Nixon

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