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Rosemary Dale

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nixon Enquiry

Hi Rosemary,
I hope you don’t mind me emailing you.  My dad David Nixon and I are currently researching our family name Nixon and we wondered if you had any further information relating to this name.
The few Nixon’s that remain now live in Yorkshire (a generation or two ago the Nixon’s mainly lived in the Oakworth area).  As far as we can research our family history originates from Bewcastle. 
If you have any publications you can recommend or share any information relating to Nixon’s history we would be very interested. 
Thanks and regards,
Michelle Nixon


Amanda 100 said...

I am researching my great, great, great grandfather James Nixon, who was the schoolmaster in Bewcastle, and lived at Westpark Cottage. He was born in 1801. His eldest son John, born 1835, who was my great great grandfather, moved to Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne and became a police constable. His other children were Margaret and Rosanna (which became a family name through subsequent generations, with variations on the spelling)
Through previous research I did a number of years ago, which unfortunately I lost during a house move, but am hoping will turn up again, I think I remember finding out that all the Nixons came from a hamlet in Westmoreland which was actually called 'Nixon'.
Perhaps we are related?! If you have any information about this branch of my family, I'd be very grateful, or just get in touch so that we can share notes!
Kind regards
Amanda Davidson

Amanda 100 said...

*that should be amandadavidson100@sky.com

Margaret Nixon said...

As Nixons with border ancestors we suffer from the stigma of being descendants of a notorious revier family. If anybody doubts this I would recommend reading The Steel Bonnets which explains how when the union of england and Scotland became formalised the border families were broken up and many were dispersed to all corners of the globe. Many who remained in the debatable lands had to start to earn a respectable living and the large number in the Bewcastle area succeeded. My own grandfather David Nixon was not as lucky. He was born in Longtown Union Workhouse in 1867 with no recorded father. He disappears from the 1881 census and reappears with his mother and siblings in the 1891 census in Hawick from where he walked to Huddersfield to start a second family his first wife having died when his daughter was 18 month old. His daughter was adopted by a local woman and he never saw her again. He married my grandmother and left at least 20 relatives in Yorkshire. If any photographs exist of the Workhouse in Longtown I would love to have a copy or if anyone is researching the workhouse in Longtown I would love to hear from you.