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Rosemary Dale

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sowerbies Photo Request

Hello, Rosemary
Your blog is looking very interesting of late!
I have written to you in the past but some time ago now.
Do you know anybody local to Bewcastle who wouldn't mind taking a snap of Low Sorbies farm if they happen to be passing that way?
I have discovered that this place is what was once known as Sowerbies and appears all over my family tree - of at least that part of it which refers to Haughans.
Sorry, I know that's cheeky but I am at a loss as to what I can do about it. 
We were in Bewcastle for the first time ever at the weekend and, although we drove round looking for Low Sorbies, it was a bit like finding a needle in a haystack and we failed miserably.
If any one is interested, there is only one Haughan grave still extant in the churchyard - I know, I read every one!  Then I went into the church and found they had all been very neatly transcribed and bound into a book. Oh well! The existing one is for Francis and Elizabeth Haughan and 'two of their sons'. They lived in the early 18th century and Francis was born in Annan.
We actually came up to visit the Common Riding in Langholm - what a fantastic day out!  I loved every minute.
Nice chatting, take care.
Sue Barnes

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