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Rosemary Dale

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Well, hello ...

... this is Rosemary here. Finally, popping up again after a very extended break from the family history biz! I am realizing that I had really lost track of some of the posting, and especially some of the comments on the site. Also, I am realizing that maybe it is time, or almost time, to dip in again. It will require unpacking and sorting all of my papers and records, a thorough reading of this blog, and reacquainting myself  with my Bewcastle forebears.

My seasonal job at the Eyemouth Museum and Visitor Information Centre (which houses a genealogy centre as it happens) ends in early November, so maybe I'll do an official relaunch at that time. Surely this will warrant a baking of my mother's Cumbrian Current Cake recipe? Now that I have been living in Northumberland and Scottish Borders over the last few years, I realize it is essentially a Border Tart. In fact, I recently saw a recipe for Eyemouth Tart (in the new EBLiving magazine).

I left things hanging back on 29 June 2007 with this post:

Mary Ewart's Family Tree

In Family History XI Part 1, I mentioned that I wanted to do more research on Mary Ewart, the mother of Elizabeth Forster Goodfellow. Well, June has kindly sent this family tree of Mary Ewart. She received it from Aurea. I will study it to see if my ideas mesh with this.

However, I never did. So I will start there, aided by this comment from Tom in December of that year:

Joseph was one of Twin sons born to Robert Forster and his wife Mary Ewart. Henry his Twin died in Dec. 1846 [age 3 years ] at Crookburn. Thus Joseph and Elizabeth Forster [ 1828 - 1909 ] were brother and sister.

Meanwhile, sitting in my inbox since January, is an email from Moira, which I will respond to today:

I thought you may like to know I am Moira the daughter of Joseph Elliot  (Whintingstown) & the late Barbara. I have 2 brothers Keith & Trevor. Would be interested to hear from you.

So, as they say, I'll be back.

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