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Rosemary Dale

Friday, 13 March 2015

Dodgsons of Dodgsontown book?

I received this from Karen whose email also included a copy of the post by Tom some time ago now. It is lower down on the blog. Karen is interested in the Dodgsons of Dodgsontown book. Please comment if you have info to share with her. Thanks, Rosemary

Hello Rosemary
I have come across your webpage and have found it most interesting. My ancestors also come from Bewcastle.  I have Routledges, Forsters Storys etc etc in my tree and the places my family came from are Oakshaw, Flatt, Crosshill,  Kinkry Hill and Nook and some others. 
I saw the post below, but I am not sure when it was put on, so I have  copied over the whole section.  I am very very interested in the last paragraph.  I am descended from the Dodgsons of Dodgsontown and would love to find out about the book mentioned.   I would greatly appreciate any help you may be able to give.
Karen Blackman


Tom said...

Hi Rosemary,
Quite by chance, while googling another person, I came back to your site and noticed the reference to "The History of the Dodgsons of Dodgsontown ..." made by Karen.
I am fortunate enough to have a copy of this book, which is a copy of the one held in The Cumberland Archives at Carlisle.
However if Karen searches for "The Dodgson Manuscript" and looks for the "Rutledge Family Association" in the results, she should find an excellent transcription, by H.M.J RAMSHAW, of the histories of various families listed in the book. There are also some useful sources and citataions listed --- as always I would advise looking at the original source whenever possible.
This transcription does not show the Monumental Inscriptions, Copies of old Wills and lots of other records of the Dodgsons that are contained in the original book.
Anyway I hope this will be helpful. If Karen requires further help you can pass my email address to her ( if you still have it in your records!!!)
Regards, Tom.

James Dodgson said...

Hi Tom, do you happen to know where copies of this book can be purchased?

James Dodgson said...
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Tom said...

Hello James,
Unfortunately I cannot really give an answer to your enquiry. As you probably know the original document was handwritten by Robert Dodgson in 1843 and I know that later handwritten copies were made but I have no idea if any of these copies are available to purchase. I can only suggest that the "Cumberland Archives" at Carlisle may be able to help. As I said in the above comment to Rosemary there is an excellent transcription of some parts of the Manuscript on the "Rutledge Family Association" site which may be of help to you.
Cheers, Tom