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Rosemary Dale

Friday, 13 March 2015

Request for Noble information

If you are able to help Jo, please leave a comment. Thanks. - Rosemary

Dear Rosemary

Where to begin! I am completely lost at the moment, swamped in a mountain of ancestry information.
I came across your website and it really intrigued me, especially the family name section on the left 
hand side. I have currently came across my ancestors, many may I add came from Bewcastle. 
They are called Noble and I saw it was missing from your list of families from this area. Is there any chance you know any of the history or any Nobles in fact that came from here. I appreciate that it is 
a long shot but I am so lost I don't even know where to start and I have been an avid ancestry
researcher since my early teens. 

Many Thanks 

Jo Usher


Jay Noble said...

Jo. I too am searching for Noble's from Bewcastle. My ggGrandfather was Thomas Noble, b Jan 1, 1806 near Penrith, d. Dec 24, 1848 Massilon, Ohio, Perry Township. My ggGrandmother, Isabella (Cooper) Noble, b Mar 31, 1811 near Penrith, d. Jun 25, 1894 Massilon, Ohio, Perry Township. In teading up on the border reivers, Noble was a 'riding family.' There are a couple of rwfences to them having owned Crew Castle. Will Noble of the Crew and Hobbie Noble of the Crew. Hobbie's real name was Halbert, and one of the prominant Border Ballads is about him. If you have any additional information, I'd love to see it.

Flower Mound, Texas

Su Langstaff said...

I too am researching the Nobles of Bewcastle as they are my husband's ancestors. If you would like me to I can add you as a guest on my Ancestry family tree?
Su Langstaff

My email address is su4mick@gmail.com

Ian noble said...

Hi there. I am also a Noble. My 6th great grandfather was Andrew Noble, born 1670, 5th grandfather William noble born 1699, 4th great grandfather Henry noble, born 1744. I have connections in Renwick, Penrith and Appleby, Cumbria.
My email address is ian@ian180.wanadoo.co.uk. I have a tree on ancestry.com